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Yui Valley

B&B Vacation home, Bamboo, Bread -

Hello and welcome,


Thank you for visiting our website. We enjoy living in nature, In the mountains of Fujieda City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Our village farmers work at the Bamboo forests and harvest bamboo shoots in April, grow Green tea, and also rice. Our village Green tea and bamboo shoots are well known in japan for their good quality.

Enjoy to stay at Yuivalley!!


Vacation house

We have a beautiful traditional Japanese vacation house that you can rent.

and be happy to welcome you here and host you, so that you also can enjoy this special experience.

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Since 2014 we have been bamboo framers. We do 2 things with bamboo:

1. We harvest shoots and sell them in the local market.

2. We harvest, boil and dry 3 years old bamboo trees to be used for creating bamboo crafts.


In winter it's time for cutting out bamboo, and treating it so that it can be used in crafts and have a long shelf  life.
We use locally produced high quality madake which is 3-4 years old.

From the bamboo tree we cut out our bamboo string by hand.


The string has a shiny - white color, that comes from the boiling-cleaning-drying processes that we make.

Basically, only the skin of the white bamboo is used, therefore white bamboo string has excellent strength.

it will decorate the space and be a beautiful item in your life.

We do our best to produce bamboo products that are strong and warm. 

Since we make them one by one, we can make it while listening to the customer's wishes.


Bamboo shop - In July 2021, we opened our bamboo shop studio. Please contact us before coming due to irregular holidays.

We sell products, bamboo materials, and make bamboo work workshops by reservations.



Workshops Bamboo and Sourdough bread -

With reservation you can experience

the bamboo work workshop, please click here -

organic sourdough bread (natural fermentation) workshop.

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